Beer Lineup

US-Style Bangers

Wingding Transatlantic Pale Ale - 4.5% ABV

Wingding is our transatlantic tribute to the tremendous Amelia Earhart - the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic ocean. Like Amelia, it's a pioneering piece of crossover magic that spans the big pond. We've smashed together the best of US and British hops to create a banging gooseberry and spice hazy pale that flies oh so right.  Hops: Citra, Magnum and Goldings.  


Reboot Juicy Pale Ale - 4.5% ABV

Our super sunshine session refresher, REBOOTED. As smooth as a power ballad, packed full of melon and pineapple with a subtle twang of spice. It's a classic Only With Love jam and it slides down FAST. Hop lineup is Citra, Mosaic, El Dorado, Calypso, Columbus.


Dance Every Day Pale Ale - 3.8% ABV

Get up! Get Down! Get Going! Our go-to glug: for juicy citrus smiles, inc Mondays... A super fresh session pale with a kick. Dry hopped for a fuller body and full haze using Citra, Mosaic and Simcoe... with a clean finish. This one will give you a pep.


Let's Go! IPA - 5.7% ABV

There's no time like now time - LET'S GO! Our flagship West Coast IPA... Sun's out, guns out. A modern take on the classic, classic west coast IPA's of not too long ago. A proper beer with all the right hop notes of Amarillo, Cascade, Chinook, Centennial and Citra... brought together with a darker, more biscuity finish that lingers. 


High Fives APA - 4,2% ABV

Our classic American pale ale - YEE HAW! Super-duper smooth, fruit-filled, session-first... A lighter pale, super clear taste, with the big five star US hops... Citra, Columbus, Cascade, Chinook and Centennial. A hoppy finish with great body - rounded and super fresh. Glugs fast.


Progressive Modern British 

Halland Oatmeal Stout - 4.9% ABV

Halland is a place near Uckfield, in our hearts... where Magnum, Columbus and Willamette met one winter's night to create the world's hugest smash stout. Big, bold, oh-so creamy, toasty and dark, it's the perfect chill down tipple.


The O.G. Best Bitter - 4.2% ABV

The O.G. Best Bitter is a banging modern best, Only With Love style: weighing in at 4.2% ABV... big, mellow and rounded with plenty of fruit and malt, a mouthful of biscuits and a hint of spice. 


Yacht Rock Extra Pale Ale - 3.8% ABV

Our first cask-only beer, designed especially for pub beer gardens, firesides, and propping up the bar. Yacht Rock is a serene, clear voyage of citrus-fuelled chill. No dry hops, no haziness ...just oceans of pale, bright session drinking. Hops are Citra, Cascade and Magnum; brewed with traditional London Ale yeast for extra malty smoothness.


Germanic Classics

Hasselhogg Pale Weissbier - 5% ABV

(David) Hasselhogg is our new Pale Weissbier - our big fruit bang and spices tribute to The Big Hoff himself. It's a traditional German Heffe, loaded to the max with banana, citrus and cloves. Hasselhogg is a pale and creamy wheat beer that packs a full 5% punch in a fizzy keg format. HE'S SO HOT RIGHT NOW!


WUNDERBAR! Pilsner - 4.8% ABV

AUF GEHT'S! Our crisp German Pilsner... Super smooth and sunshine-ready - with just the right balance of floral notes and light, peppery hops that melt in the mouth. Ticks along like Kraftwerk. Hops: Saaz, Magnum.


Super Special Seasonals

Oh Yeah! Polar Bear Pale - 5% ABV

Jelly beans, ice creams and sunshine dreams of soda pop. Cream soda lives on - in a new, beer-shaped, punchy 5% ABV format. We mixed our two fave American hops (Sabro & Citra) for a special lemon hit and then dialled up the cream with boatloads of oats and vanilla. Tastes like 1988, baby! 

BONGO Summer Beer (Watermelon Wheat Beer!) - 5% ABV

BONGO is the ultimate poolside sipper: our lean, clean and super-fresh watermelon wheat beer. Bags of melon on the nose, it slides down as sweet and cool as a chilled cucumber, with a lasting smooth and more-ish finish. We gave it a punchier 5% ABV kick, just to make it fly in July (and August, and September). Best paired with something BBQ chilli-style. Hops: Magnum, Cascade.


The Get Down Brown Brown Ale - 4.0% ABV

EASY NOW! Our super-smashable nut-brown ale... Light and toasty maple syrup sundae with a crisp fizz and lingering hop spice. It's a slider! Hops: Columbus, Cascade, Amarillo, Willamette.


Raptor Radler - 1.8% ABV

Pale ale lemonade shandy booch mashup. 50% Dance Every Day pale ale + 50% Lemon Lifebuoy kombucha = the ultimate summer BBQ smasher! Our hazy, Citra-hopped best seller meets our zesty, lemonade pick-me-up. Wow, that's fresh!



Love Bug NEIPA - 5.8% ABV

Lockdown #2 was fun. This one's funnier! Possibly the antidote we've been looking for: a hazy, rounded NEIPA - brewed in collaboration with our friends at Cellar Head. Heavily dry hopped with Citra, Mosaic & Amarillo - delivers a big bang of fruit and a very, very mellow finish.