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Founded in lockdown (#1 & #2) by Steve (on the left - the guy behind Holler Brewery) and Roger (a guy who drank too much Holler beer) in the heart of Sussex, Only With Love is a new kind of brewery. Sustainably created, packaged and delivered... we create beer and kombucha for better minds, bodies and spirits.

We believe there's only one way to do things: with love.

Our drinks are made with love - with the freshest, most healthy ingredients and processes. Our business is driven by love - in support of the communities we work with. Our relationships are built on love - for our customers, partners, friends and family. And our decisions are guided by love: there’s usually a good answer when love is the principle.

Of course, we also hope that our drinks will be enjoyed in the same way - alone or together (but hopefully the latter).

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We make all of our drinks by hand here at our brand new brewery in East Sussex - AKA our Inspiration Fermentation Station (TM). We use all-natural ingredients, and a top-flight brew kit and processing lab.

We don't take shortcuts. We care passionately for the detail of brewing - for both our beers and kombuchas. We are process-obsessed. We love our ATP machine, PH readers, dissolved oxygen meters, stir plates and our growing array of thermometers which help us to ferment to within 0.1 degrees.

Your drinks are packaged via our brand new canning line, with love and care and recyclable cardboard boxes. We are also clean freaks - our brooms, buckets and jet washers are in constant motion.

Our brewery was made from scratch in summer 2020, with the help of an amazing crew of local plumbers, electricians, welders, builders and mechanics. Stop by sometime soon and say hello... we'd love to show you around. You can also pick up some drinks!

Giving a bit back to where we're from...

We work closely with like-minded community venues, helping them to thrive via direct revenue-generating programs, advice for the running of their spaces, and fantastic collaborative events that bring their people together to have good times.

Currently, we're super proud to support Lewes Football Club (aka 'Equality FC') - the first football team in the world to pay their mens' and womens' teams the same amount of money.

We'll be adding more partners to the list once we get out of launch mode - we have a few more on the boil. Meantime, please do get in touch if you're a community venue that needs some magic fresh love in your life.

Only With Love magic fresh beers and kombuchas Only With Love magic fresh beers and kombuchas
Only With Love magic fresh beers and kombuchas

Only With Love magic fresh beers and kombuchas


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